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With ALEKS®, no two students' learning experience is alike, because no two students' math needs are alike.
ALEKS is an award-winning, online learning and assessment program for grades 3-12. Using adaptive technology, ALEKS continuously identifies what a student knows and doesn't know, and then delivers personalized online instruction on the math topics the student is most ready to learn.
This unique approach effectively closes gaps and improves math proficiency because it recognizes which topics your student needs to work on the most.
With 24/7 online access, ALEKS can be flexibly implemented to meet your homeschool schedule. What's more, with a range of math
courses from grades 3-12, you can feel confident about supporting your homeschoolers from elementary to college readiness.
For students, ALEKS provides:

  • 24/7 online access on computers and tablets
  • Self-paced, personalized learning on Ready to Learn Topics
  • Immediate feedback & step-by-step explanations for every problem
  • Printable worksheets for additional offline practice
  • ALEKS QuickTables – math fact mastery program with games
  • For parents, ALEKS delivers:

  • A Master Account for one-stop account management
  • Reports to monitor student progress at any time
  • Quiz and assessment options to help reinforce learning
  • "I have used at least five different math programs during my five years of homeschooling, and did not find the right fit for both of my children until I found ALEKS. It is the perfect combination of practice and mastery." – Cynthia W., GA
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