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The ACE Advantage

Join Lighthouse Christian Academy

Enjoy the freedom of homeschooling with the full services of a school.

The LCA Advantage includes:

  • Accredited diplomas
  • Personalized distance learning
  • Accessible advisors
  • Records and transcripts
  • Graduation ceremonies

Choose the Homeschool Advantage

Put together a personalized curriculum plan and manage your own homeschool.

  • Receive free online diagnostic testing.
  • Combine grade levels among subjects to match your child’s performance level.

Work With a Local Church School

Many churches have schools that train children using the A.C.E. Bible-based academic curriculum and individualized system of learning.

Let us help you find a church school near you. Call 1-800-925-7777.

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The ACE Advantage
A.C.E. The A.C.E. Advantage - You decide!

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