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space MathScore: Unlimited Math Practice

MathScore® saves you time and is proven to raise math proficiency. MathScore replaces your need for any workbooks because it provides unlimited, paperless math practice for basic math skills through Algebra I. Automated analysis tools help you track everything, including login times, topics attempted, accuracy, and exactly when each worksheet was attempted.

MathScore also facilitates fun goal setting. It takes a rating of 100 to master each topic. As students master the topics, their cumulative score increases as well as their rank. You can easily set goals with your students to achieve a certain number of points or reach the next rank.

Designed by an MIT graduate who scored a perfect 800 on SAT math, MathScore is used by well over 10,000 students in the United States and is endorsed by math and homeschooling experts.

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"I have reviewed MathScore and I am very impressed with its easy-to-use practice tools. I am equally impressed with the way it adapts the difficulty level of the problems AND the explanations based on student performance."
- Gisele Glosser, founder, mathgoodies.com

"I feel Website MathScore.com can benefit ALL STUDENTS - after all, it is about math practice, and all students need practice."
- Maria Miller, founder, homeschoolmath.net

"Practice and drill are critical to learning math facts, but with many online math tools too much time is spent practicing facts that the student has already mastered instead of focusing more on the facts that need to be learned. Mathscore.com uses the latest technology to automatically generate math facts adapted to match the student's ability and skill level. I believe that Mathscore's online software is an excellent way to efficiently practice math skills and improve math scores."
- Mary Ann Kelley, founder, thehomeschoolmom.com

For general information, please visit http://www.mathscore.com


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