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Discover a New Paradigm in Higher Education

  • Personalized Learning, Experiential Programs, Internships
  • Inner Self Growth, Meditation & Yoga, Universal Spirituality
  • Dynamic Academic Curriculum & Education for Life (EFL) Values
  • Sustainable Residential Community, Gardens & Orchards
  • Recycled Campus, Simple Living for a New Tomorrow
  • Delicious Vegetarian Meals & Holistic Health
  • Scholarship & Work Study, Career Preparation
  • Travel Abroad Adventures, World Cultures & Consciousness
  • B.A. and A.A. Degrees or Certificate Programs

A.A. and B.A. areas of focus:

  • Directional Psychology
  • Cooperative Communities & Sustainability
  • Inspirational Arts (Fine Art, Writing, Graphic
  • Design, Dance, Music & Drama)
  • Ethical Business & Supportive Leadership
  • Holistic Health & Healing
  • Education for Life
  • World Cultures & Consciousness
  • Yoga Philosophy

Certificates offered:

  • Education for Life Teacher Training Certificate
  • Holistic Health & Healing
  • Cooperative Communities & Sustainability
  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
  • Travel & Study Abroad

Inquire about our upcoming Winter/Spring & Fall 2013 terms:
[email protected]

Ananda College
Higher Education for Higher Consciousness
38950 SW Laurelwood Road
Gaston, Oregon 97119
(503) 985-0030
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