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What We Do

At Beautiful Feet Books we believe great literature has the power to unlock history and make it come alive for students. Our award-winning history programs help students develop a love of learning by showing them the joy found in reading great literature.

To accomplish this we:
  • Choose the best literature available
  • Make our programs easy-to-use
  • Guarantee an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience

What It Looks Like

Beautiful Feet presents a nurturing approach to learning. By choosing the best books available we help your family experience the enjoyment of learning history through literature.

Reading aloud will show your children the value in reading and learning, and the time spent together will strengthen healthy intellectual, emotional, and spiritual connections. By removing the rote memorization and busywork from this subject, your family is free to enjoy the great stories that make up history itself. Not only will your children have a solid understanding of the subject, they will develop a love of learning that is far more valuable. Imagine learning together, as a family. Our studies easily span multiple grade levels with our read-aloud approach. Our comprehension and discussion questions will prompt your students to connect with the characters found in each story. Notebooking, coloring, map and copy work, web links, and writing assignments, when age-appropriate, will further reinforce the subject. Our History Through Literature Study Guides outline each course in easy-to-follow lessons while giving you flexibility to add or subtract as needed. This customizable style gives you the freedom to use our studies how you want. If you have an advanced reader then add some of our supplemental literature recommendations. If you have a delayed reader then focus on spending more time reading aloud together. Typically, as your children enter junior high and high school they will begin to work more independently. At this stage our studies focus less on comprehension and more on analysis. We do include an answer key for the comprehension questions but the discussion and writing components of our studies increase in importance. Transform your homeschool by trying our academically-strong studies while taking a more nurturing approach. To read why thousands of families love our history studies click here.

What We Offer

A recommended Study Sequence for grades 1-12

Grades 1-2  |  Early American History Primary + Teaching Character Primary
Grade 3  |  History of Science + Teaching Character Intermediate
Grade 4  |  Use either History of California + Western Expansion
or History of the Horse + Teaching Character Intermediate
Grade 5  |  Early American Intermediate + Geography Through Literature
Grade 6  |  Modern American & World
Grade 7  |  Ancient History Intermediate
Grade 8  |  Medieval History Intermediate + History of Classical Music
Grade 9  |  Early American and World
Grade 10  |  Ancient History Senior High
Grade 11  |  Medieval History Senior High
Grade 12  |  Modern U.S. and World History for Senior High

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