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CollegePlus helps students discover their God-given calling and then equips them to fulfill that calling. 

CP Navigate - The first thing students do is go through CP Navigate: a course that helps them identify their God-given purpose. Through introspective questions and exercises, CollegePlus students are challenged to seek God's vision for their lives. 

Degrees - Only once their vision is defined will a student select their major from one of over 50 available. 

Our skilled degree consultants take the student's vision for the future, as well as their interests and passions to create a degree plan that is completely customized to the student. 

Academic Coaching - While earning their degree, CollegePlus students have a personal coach who mentors and guides them to discover their life calling, choose their major, and complete their Bachelor's degree. 

CollegePlus isn't just about earning a Bachelor's degree though, it's about helping students find God's calling for their life, and then equipping them to full that God-given life calling. 

For more information, visit collegeplus.org 


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