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Homeschooled Students

CollegeStartOnline can help you!
Having worked with a number of homeschooled students over the last several years, we have found that there are some important additions to the Common Application that must be made. Homeschooled students apply in the same way that traditional high school students apply, but their applications should sparkle above and beyond.
The admissions committees place greater emphasis on your SAT/ACT scores to compare you to the traditional student and then very closely analyze your written documents to determine your ability to function and thrive in a college environment.
You will no longer be "at home" learning, but you must be "at home" living in a dormitory and participating in class discussions. Admissions committees will look for those traits in your application that have been seen in past homeschooled students who have been successful at their colleges.
Based on experience, we know what those traits are.
Please call or email us to set up a free consultation. We know we can help you sparkle.

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Homeschooled Students' Comments
"I wrote a Personal Essay prior to working with Joan. After her analysis, I ripped it up and started over. I totally got what she was saying. Joan suggested a different topic to bring out different traits in my personality. We worked together for about an hour, she checked in every 20 minutes to make sure I was on the right path ,and then it was like magic, a great essay was completed."
Sarah, Providence
"ED to Columbia! We can't thank Joan enough for guiding my son through the Common Application and Supplement Questions. She explained how to apply as a homeschooled student in detail. The stress that we felt as parents diminished as soon as she took over. We really had no idea what we doing. Thanks again, forever grateful.
Julia and Sam, Ojai

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