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Dawn Publications
Sharing Nature With Children

Dawn Publications is dedicated to inspiring in children a deeper understanding and appreciation for all life on earth by publishing quality nature-awareness picture books.

Dawn's mission is to assist parents and educators in opening the hearts and minds of children to the transforming influence of nature. We believe that it is not enough to "instruct" the mind without also "inspiring" the heart.

Appreciating Nature

Study a butterfly from caterpillar through cocoon, turn over a rock to discover the harmonious habitat living underneath, and learn to identify common birds in your own backyard with these and other Dawn books that are educational, fun, and inspirational for children ages 4-12.

Web of Life

Children can learn about the water cycle, nature's food chain, animal lifecycles, marine life and more with Dawn's engaging, colorful and informative books on these topics for children ages 4-12.

Teacher Guides
Dawn's books and teacher guides supplement nature lessons and integrate character education into core science and language arts curricula. Our teacher guides are companion guides to some of our more popular books for the classroom.

At Dawn we strive to have each book become a unique window into the web of life that weaves us all together—as a planet and as humanity.

We invite you to visit our website frequently and often! You will find our whole line of award-winning books, our Dawn Newsletter, and even author/illustrator information.

Or, call us to request a catalog or place your order at 1-800-545-7475.

Dawn Publications
P.O. Box 2010
Nevada City, CA 95959
Voice: (530) 478-0111
Fax: (530) 478-0112
E-mail: [email protected]

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