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Yes, they could if they had:
Algebra/Hands-On Equations®

Algebra for the young
and the young at heart!

For ages 8 and up.

... a fun way to introduce your children to algebra.

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"I cannot recommend this enough, I am so impressed, and I have not raved about a math program that I can think
of without qualification!"
–Julie Brennan, Editor,

"For the first time in my life, I actually understood how to do algebra and why it works. You and your child do not have to fear algebra. With Hands-On Equations, the solution to algebra is in your hands! I give it an A+!"
- The Old SchoolHouse- The Magazine for Homeschooling Families

It is a whole-brain instructional approach to introducing students in grades 3 – 9 to significant algebraic concepts. The program utilizes the power of the visual and kinesthetic senses to help children grasp concepts that many 9th graders taking Algebra I in school or at home find difficult to understand when those concepts are taught in an abstract manner. Dr. Borenson received a U.S. patent for Hands-On Equations.
  See Eric, age 8, do a video demo for you!
Your children will learn:
  • The meaning of an equation
  • How to balance an equation
  • How to solve for the mysterious "x"
  • How to work with equations with unknowns on both sides
  • How to add and subtract positive and negative numbers
  • Key algebraic concepts
  • How to solve verbal problems
Also, your children will:
  • Learn to use critical thinking skills
  • Have fun learning
  • Experience success
  • Earn a sense of self-esteem
  • Build a foundation for success in algebra
Hands-On Equations benefits home educators:
    • Preparation time is minimal
    • Each home school kit includes all the necessary materials needed:
      o Game pieces
      o Instructional manuals for each level
      o Video demo of each lesson
      o Worksheets for student practice
      o Supplemental word problem book for enrichment activities
Research Supported

In six lessons you can expect to see significant gains in your students' algebraic knowledge and skill, including their ability to understand and solve equations such as
4x + 3 = 3x + 9 and 2(2x + 1) = 2x + 10 with confidence.

Barclay (1992), in a study involving 123 students ages 11-13, reported, "100% of the students demonstrated at least 80% mastery on at least two out of the three tests that followed the instruction." Barber and Borenson (2007) reported a rise in mean from 44.8% on the pre test to 85.5% on the post test for four inner city 5th grade Title I classrooms.

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