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The Homeschool Learning Network is an online learning environment focused on providing homeschool parents with a collaborative learning experience for their families. It provides:

  • Daily Thematic Units of Study

  • Homeschool Search Engine
  • Curriculum Library
  • Homeschool Guidance Center
  • Record Keeping Resources
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Expert, Personalized Advice
  • Message Boards and Chats
  • Login for 4 Family Members
  • 3-Day Free Trial

The Homeschool Learning Network is committed to home education. We have created a complete ensemble of homeschool tools and features for your family in a safe, ad-free environment. There is no longer any need to wander the Web looking for the perfect homeschool lesson or resource-within our learning environment, it is all in one place! If you don't find what you are looking for, simply Ask Our Librarian, and we will find it for you within 24 hours!

Enrollment costs are $21.95 per month, with an initial 3-day free trial.

Free Resources
Browse the Homeschool Learning Network Web site for over 20 free, downloadable thematic units, each with 5-10 lessons, or browse over 200 homeschool link resources. Log in for a 3-day free trial and find over 100 thematic units titles, growing daily, and access to most features!

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September 11, 2001
Standing Together to Heal Our Children
The Homeschool Learning Network provides this free thematic unit to help parents teach their children about tragedy, heroism and community service.


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