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MathSteps is a unique, innovative program, designed to help kids understand math concepts and to acquire the math skills needed.

Our original teaching method provides kids with understanding through simple explanations and
step-by-step demonstrations.

Virtually any learning process is the equivalent of building.
In effect, learning means building a structure of knowledge.
This requires solid foundations and secure linking of any
component, added to the structure.
MathSteps is dedicated to allowing students to build their math skills by continuous practice. Only by observing the step-by-step demonstration and by applying the learned concept in repeated practice does the knowledge become a part of a solid foundation of knowledge.
Mathematics, more than any other field or discipline, dictates
the necessity of solid foundations. Furthermore, it does not
allow gaps in the foundation of knowledge, because to learn
a new concept requires the use of acquired skills.
MathSteps teaches kids how to develop the ability to think logically and to apply this skill in future problems. This essential tool builds their self-confidence and allows them to master more complex concepts in higher grades and becomes invaluable in other subjects, requiring the use of math, such as physics and chemistry.
Register for MathSteps today to give your children the math skills they will need and use throughout their life!

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