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Here at Math-U-See, our goal is to build understanding, not simply math students. Our founder, Steve Demme, was a homeschool dad and former public school math teacher whose desire was to teach his kids to grow up and become lifelong learners. We believe that education should be skill-based, applicable, and build on itself. The parent should be involved, and, because of the variety of learning styles of our students, education should be multi-sensory. We are proud to say that our beliefs about education are borne out in our curriculum. 

Math-U-See is a tool to help parents reach the goal of building understanding in the subject of mathematics. Our hope is that the skills taught while studying Math-U-See will foster a love of learning that can be applied to all subject areas for the rest of the student's life. While some memorization is necessary to learn math facts, rules, and formulas, students must be able to apply this knowledge in real life situations. 

Watch our method in action on our web site at MathUSee.com to learn more about our proven approach for teaching math. In our demonstration video, you will find sample lessons explaining key math concepts from place value to algebra, illustrating our unique philosophy. Soon, you'll find yourself saying, "I can teach Math!" 

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