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Looking for
homeschool curriculum inspiration?

From award-winning curriculum to their fully accredited school, Oak Meadow offers inspired learning and inspired teaching for new and experienced homeschool families.

You can visit their online curriculum samples to find out if Oak Meadow is right for you or call one of their experienced Educational Counselors at (802) 251-7250. In the meantime, these signature Oak Meadow qualities are a great benchmark for evaluating homeschool curriculum:

Rigorous academic standards infused with creative, artistic assignments to encourage balanced development and a true flexibility of thinking.

Lessons integrated across subject areas to encourage engagement in a more meaningful and memorable way.

Assignments designed to accommodate visual, auditory, and physical learning styles.

Weekly lesson plans to allow flexibility for travel, athletic or artistic pursuits.

A choice of assignments to encourage students to become involved with the material and relate it to their own lives.

Families looking for a official school transcripts and dedicated faculty support will appreciate the option to enroll in Oak Meadow School. Importantly, this fully accredited distance learning option features primarily print-based coursework and creative, hands-on assignments that reach far beyond the confines of a computer monitor.

In addition to their top quality curriculum and school, Oak Meadow offers some wonderful free resources to homeschooling families.

Oak Meadow's quarterly journal, Living Education, is packed with practical articles designed to enlighten, entertain, and enhance your home school program.

You can also join Oak Meadow's Facebook community to find excellent links to the most current online resources for homeschoolers, and share tips and ideas in a supportive, informative forum.

To learn more about Oak Meadow Curriculum and School and get started creating an enjoyable home learning experience for the whole family, call 802-251-7250, email [email protected], or visit oakmeadow.com.

Oak Meadow Curriculum and School
PO Box 1346
Brattleboro, VT 05302
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 802-251-7250

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