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By Way of Introduction ...

We are Paul and Gena Suarez of Cool, California and we live by a deep canyon with the rushing American River flowing straight through it. Our little homestead on 7 acres is the perfect setting to raise our four children whom we homeschool. We started The Old Schoolhouse Magazine to encourage and support homeschool families everywhere. If you like homeschooling we have something for everyone from Classical to Unschooling – we are here for you! 

We hope you'll join us in our pursuit for peace and inclusiveness in the homeschooling community. Loving our neighbors as ourselves is really what it's all about. We hope you will join us in this pursuit and find encouragement in our magazine. Come explore the resources on our newly designed website and find out what's in store for the fall issue! Subscribe today!

Paul and Gena Suarez
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

What people are saying about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine:

"This magazine is by far the highest quality homeschool magazine on the market filled with articles and departments by many of the biggest names in homeschooling... The Old Schoolhouse is the ultimate homeschool family magazine."
–The Urban Homemaker

"I love this magazine! I am so happy to see many of the 'big' names in homeschooling represented in your writers, names I know and trust. Your magazine has such a 'homey', warm feel. I feel like I am sitting down with old friends when I am able to get my hands on a copy."
– Jennifer McDonald, Yigo, Guam

"I am a fairly new reader, but so far I find your magazine to be the most informative, encouraging and interesting homeschooling magazine available. You are really in touch with the homeschooling community and all the authors, curriculums, tools, etc. out there and I like how you keep tabs on the homeschooling "movement" politically and culturally."
- Carrie McKernie, Powder Springs, GA

Come join the fun!





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