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Research & Education Association

REA: The Best in Test Preparation

For over 50 years REA has been publishing test prep materials for the most popular standardized tests including AP, CLEP, SAT, and ACT. Our materials are recommended by teachers across the country and have helped millions of students succeed on their exams.

Content from the Experts

As a homeshcooling parent, we know that you are looking for the best high school and college prep instructional materials. REA's proven content and strategies will help your students master the subject matter and achieve their college credit and admission goals.

REA's test preps are written by educators with many years of classroom experience. Our books are completely aligned with official exams and include the review content, test-taking strategies, and practice exams that help students focus their study and earn high scores.

Online Assessment Tools at the REA Study Center

The best way to help students personalize their study is to provide frequent feedback on what they know and what they don't know. At the online REA Study Center our quizzes and practice tests provide you with the most powerful scoring analysis and diagnostic tools available today. Our diagnostic score reporting will pinpoint your students' strengths and weaknesses to help focus their study time on the areas where they need it the most. Sign up today to get started: www.rea.com/studycenter

Advanced Placement Prep: http://store.rea.com/tstprep-ap.html

CLEP Prep: http://store.rea.com/tstprep-clep.html

College Admission Prep: http://store.rea.com/tstprep-college.html

Study Guides for All Subjects
REA also publishes some of the finest high school and college-level study guides in a variety of subjects. With a range of products in subjects that include mathematics, history, science, English grammar, literature, ESL, and foreign languages, we have the material to support every curriculum.

Study Guides: http://store.rea.com/stguide.html

Visit REA today to see all of our test preps and study guides: www.rea.com

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