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The homeschool math curriculum families trust
A Record of Success Saxon Middle Grades
Saxon Math—the nation's best-selling, most comprehensive, and most thoroughly researched homeschool math program!
  • More than 20 years of proven success
  • Raises students' confidence about mathematics
  • Offers ongoing, comprehensive support to parents and students
Saxon mathematics for grades K–12 is based on the teaching principles of
  • incremental development
  • continual practice and review
  • cumulative assessment
Saxon K-3 Program format: Grades K–3
The teacher manuals contain scripted lessons, providing the language and questioning strategies that help parents maximize student learning. A convenient manipulatives kit includes colorful games, charts, and counting aids to accelerate understanding of abstract math concepts.
Textbook format: Grades 4–12
At the middle and upper grade levels, students should begin to acquire independent learning skills and self-sufficiency. To facilitate this, Saxon includes all hints, strategies, and approaches in the student editions—instead of annotating the teacher editions with "secrets" or shortcuts.
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Call 1-800-416-8171 to request a home study catalog, or ask about free home study samplers, placement guides, and other Saxon support services.

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