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The Sycamore Tree

   The Sycamore Tree has been serving homeschoolers since 1981. Our organization was the first one in the country designed primarily for homeschoolers. We carry everything you need to teach your child from Pre-school through High School. Our goal is to ship all orders out within three working days. We offer FREE shipping on all orders over $500 (except purchase orders). Families enrolled in Sycamore Academy will receive a 10% discount on all catalog items. We have a 15-day return policy for a refund or exchange.
Sycamore Academy offers an accredited online school for grades three through twelve. Students do their work on the computer each day and send it to our office over the internet. Our teachers do all grading and tracking. No lesson plans, no grading, and no hassle! Enrollments are accepted at any time during the school year—even for high schoolers. Students use the award-winning Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum. Bible, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and electives are available. Credentialed teachers grade your student's work and respond with personalized academic assistance. You may combine the online program with the traditional homeschool program. We offer student body cards, official transcripts, and a high school diploma through our online school plus a group legal insurance plan.

Sycamore Academy also has an accredited Kindergarten Twelfth grade homeschool program with assistance in developing an individualized study program, quarterly evaluation of your program by a credentialed teacher, maintenance of cumulative files, year-end standardized testing (Compressive Test of Basic Skills-CTBS), professional guidance by phone, mail, or email, support groups in each area where Sycamore Academy families are located, monthly enrichment packets for K-8 (September-June), including 70 to 80 pages of educational material with parent helps and a shorter version for high school students, student body cards, birthday cards, a lovely certificate for each child at the end of the year, high school diploma and transcripts, and a group legal insurance plan. Enrollment is open to all regardless of race or religious affiliation. Sycamore Academy is an international program.

All information is available at www.sycamoretree.com or by calling our office at (714) 668-1343. You may place phone orders by calling (800) 779-6750. Our mailing address is: 2179 Meyer Place, Costa Mesa, CA 92726.

The Sycamore Tree
2179 Meyer Place
Costa Mesa, CA 92726
(714) 668-1343
Toll Free: 1-800-779-6750
Web: http://www.sycamoretree.com

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