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Parent-friendly. Accommodates your student’s learning style. Making the grade around the world. Textbooks simply don’t come any better.

Access all classes and all grades for the whole family. Special programs, workshops, dramas, fine arts, and more! For one low price.

Flexible. Convenient. Portable. Adaptable. Uses standard DVD player (TV or computer). Textbooks included.

Add the BJU Press Academy of Home Education to any of the options above and receive record-keeping services, transcripts, a full graduation ceremony, and much more.

Find out more.

We’re here to help you realize your goals and the potential of your students. 

With BJU Press, you will find not only overt references to Scripture but also an underlying, thoroughly Christian worldview.

Our textbooks concentrate on teaching critical thinking skills that lead to true comprehension. These are not simply phrases to us—they are driving principles. We want the student to know what he is reading, to be able to make good judgments about what he reads, and to be able to act appropriately on what he has come to understand—not just for today or for the test, but for life.

Your students will experience the joy of learning with understanding. With BJU Press materials, you’ll find lessons that are active and engaging, texts that are colorful and interesting, and applications that are real-life and convincing. BJU Press materials help you interact with your students. They assist you in drawing your students into the subjects-and into the lessons you really want them to get. 

And our products are all designed to work together to produce a complete education, packed with power. 

At BJU Press, we believe that the teacher is the key to education. So, in our textbooks and Distance Learning classes, you’ll find the material flexible enough to meet your schedule, your personality, and your students’ individual learning styles.

We’re all working toward the same goal: to educate, edify, and evangelize the next generation.

That’s why we do what we do.

BJU Press
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