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Enjoy a Fun, Enriching and Stimulating Summer Experience – Attend a Language Immersion Camp

Language immersion is a great fit for gifted children and teens. Learning a world language enriches problem solving, analytical and complex learning skills. Additionally, learning about another culture enables people to gain a better understanding of their own cultures.

Concordia Language Villages creates a community of learners where everyone belongs, motivating participants to be life-long learners and to become responsible citizens in a global community.

Our programs are offered in 15 world languages. The educational objectives of Concordia Language Villages are reinforced through the everyday living, learning, social and recreational dimensions of Village life.

Concordia Language Villages addresses at least seven social, emotional and academic needs of the gifted child:

  1. A New Identity

    Participants select a new name specific to the language of the Village. This new name is worn on a nametag for the length of the program and is how they come to be recognized by new friends and counselors from across the country and around the world.

  2. Social Engagement

    Gifted children find themselves with others who share their passion for learning. The Language Villages creates and environment where learning is “cool,” and where those who catch on first become the envy of their peers.

  3. Problem-solving

    Group problem-solving opportunities expand interpersonal abilities and build social confidence. Participants wrap their minds around issues that extend beyond their hometown to the greater global community, learning that they can work with others to solve problems and to make a difference in the world.

  4. Intellectual Challenge

    Challenges go beyond language acquisition to culture games, customs, cuisine and manners. Participants are continually stimulated with new and fun activities.

  5. Differentiated Learning

    Children at the Language Villages are placed in learning groups according to language proficiency, from novice to advanced, allowing them to learn at their perfect pace. No previous language study is required.

  6. Global Awareness

    Personal contacts from around the world and group stimulations teach participants about global issues. At the end of their sessions, participants are keenly aware of the role they play in our global community.

  7. Humor and Fun

    The fear of failing minimized when everyone is having a good time!

While our programs are not designed exclusively for gifted learners, the accelerated pace of our high school credit program and college credit courses appeal to talented youth. Because gifted learners are often performing at academic levels above their peer age group, we recognize that younger students may qualify to participate in credit programs based on their grade level in school.

Fifteen Languages Offered

Our summer language immersion programs are offered in:

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