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Earn High School World Language Credit in Four Weeks – Attend a Summer Language Immersion Camp

Learning another language isn’t just about being in a classroom or engaging with software — it’s about living the culture of that language. At Concordia Language Villages, our approach to language teaching puts villagers into a grand simulation of a trip abroad and into a culturally authentic setting—similar to what you might find in that foreign country—but filled with carefully designed learning opportunities and well-trained language teachers who help villagers understand what they hear, learn how to respond and converse, and practice new skills all day, every day.

In just four weeks of language and cultural immersion at the Language Villages this summer, you can earn a full year of high school language credit.

Each four-week session offers a minimum of 180 hours of instruction and are designed for learners at all levels – beginning to advanced. Students are immersed in language and culture 18 hours a day for four weeks, and much learning occurs outside of the official 180 hours of instruction. The instructional hours may include, but are not limited to, formal classroom instruction; cultural presentations; historical re-enactments; Village-wide simulations; authentic arts and crafts, music, dance, theater and sports activities; games; student-developed projects; peer teaching; and reflective activities.

The four-week high school credit programs are accredited by AdvancEd, enabling us to grant credit. The programs were first accredited in 1982.

Fourteen Languages Offered

Our high school credit summer programs offer 14 different languages:



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