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Enhance Your Child’s Language and Cultural Skills – Attend a Summer Language Immersion Camp


Learning a world languages open the door to new opportunities, and to becoming a responsible global citizen. Research shows that immersion is the most effective way to learn a language.

Concordia Language Villages is more than a summer camp, it is a language and cultural immersion experience. Campers become “villagers”, and a part of our community. Villagers learn by doing. Being able to navigate different cultural settings with confidence is a critical attribute of a well-rounded language learner. Participants use the target language in a wide variety of culturally authentic activities and linguistically meaningful settings, whether in formal learning sessions or informal conversations, at a meal or at the bank, on the sports field or on the lake, in the cabin or in the store.

Our experiential, activity-based, and villager-centered methods engage multiple senses and diverse ways of learning. Children get immersion experience that intentionally makes them feel as if they are traveling or living abroad.

Fifteen Languages Offered

Our summer language immersion programs are offered in:

Programs Offered

All programs are open to learners of all levels, including beginners.

  • Day camps are offered for children ages 6-11
  • One-week residential sleepaway camps for ages 7-15
  • Two-week residential sleepaway camps for ages 8-18
  • Four-week middle school enrichment for grades 6-8

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