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K12: Send them to the best school in the world. Yours.

To thrive, some children need a different kind of classroom.


The award-winning K12 curriculum is individualized to give every child the chance to reach his or her potential. And it’s flexible, to meet the unique challenges families face. We’ve delivered over 1.5 million courses over the past decade, with programs proven to work for children who aren’t thriving in school. Every subject is delivered online–complete with hands-on activities, all the books and learning materials you need, plus optional support from expert teachers.

Our options include:

  • K12 Inc.An accredited, online private school available worldwide
  • Single course or full-time homeschool curriculum
  • Supplemental and independent study curriculum
  • World language programs
  • A robust Advanced Learners Program
  • Online summer school
  • Full-time, tuition-free public schooling in many states

Take a step today that can transform your child’s life.  K12 will be there for you, every step of the way.

K12. The flexible homeschool solution with 95% parent satisfaction.*

K12’s patented methodology lets students learn at the pace that’s right for them, and our rich, interactive online lessons are complemented by engaging traditional materials. Our courses are not only comprehensive, but designed to complement each other in an integrated way, a learning method that is difficult to create on your own. 

Teaching guides, suggested weekly schedules, and online charts to track your child’s progress are just a few of the planning tools available to parents.  With complete lesson plans, you’ll save a huge amount of time on preparation.  Complete assessments are built right in, so monitoring your child’s progress is easy, and our educational consultants are always there to answer your questions.

Tens of thousands of families nationwide are using K12. In fact, over 95% of parents express satisfaction and would recommend K12 to a friend.

We offer payment plan options, plus multi-course and multi-child discounts. Learn more about why K12 is the homeschooling solution you’ve been looking for. Visit us online at K12.com, or call us at 866.609.9578.  With our 30-day, full money back guarantee – you have nothing to lose!

* Source: Independent research by TRC, Inc.

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