My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping

Getting Organized with My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping


Since 2002, has been assisting families with comprehensive homeschool record keeping and tracking.

Get organized! You MUST track your student’s records!

Don’t put your homeschooling at risk! It is no longer just about state requirements. Many homeschoolers fall victim to thinking that because their state does not require any reporting that they don’t need to track anything. Unfortunately, that kind of attitude can be very dangerous.

Consider the following scenarios: An ex-spouse sues for education negligence, you move to another state that requires records, a “concerned” citizen reports your homeschool to CPS, or you are incapacitated for an extended time. These are just a few situations that are real and they happen more often that you think. You need to understand all the reasons why record keeping is an absolute must.

Stay on track – Pen and paper is not enough!

Hoemschool Records On Fire

Even if you do track with pen/paper or with a spreadsheet, you are still at risk. Fires and spills destroy paper records. Computers do crash and files become corrupted. Backups fail too. You can still use pen & paper, but you also need permanency and predictability. Learn how My School Year can complement your pen and paper.

Spend a little, but earn thousands

Homeschool record keeping goes even beyond lessons and class grades. In the elementary years, maintaining accurate records are vital for state mandated standardized testing, documenting community service hours, reading logs for contests and programs, and other proof of progress requirements.

In the high school years, tracking employment, volunteer work, extra-curricular activities, sports involvements, events, and standardized tests are absolutely crucial in obtaining admissions to colleges, universities, and other trade schools.

Scholarships also require these types of records. Your student can easily increase their chances of obtaining scholarships by having all this information with the click of a mouse. Translation: Earn thousands of dollars simply by generating a My School Year report.

Practical and easy to use features

My School Year offers a wide variety of tools and features. Here is just a sample of the many features available.

  1. Student logins – offload some work and empower your students to view and record their own records. You control their permissions and can be alerted when they make changes.
  2. Lesson plan generators – quickly and easily generate a year’s worth of lesson plans with just a few clicks.
  3. Lesson plan sharing – don’t re-invent the wheel – search and re-use other members’ lessons. Not to worry, no personal information is shared.
  4. Lessons emailed – stay on track with our weekly or daily emails that conveniently list student, class, and lesson information. Emails can be sent to you and/or your student.
  5. Quick access with QR Codes – use a QR Code reader app on your phone to directly access a particular lesson and make changes, mark completed, or record a grade.
  6. Calendar views – review your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule with our interactive calendar view. Download and print.
  7. Teacher’s Aid – your personal online assistant informs you of any missing information and helps you to proceed to the next steps.
  8. Visualization – all student’s records are transformed into readable charts and graphs so that it is easy to review a student’s progress.
  9. Auto-Grading – we handle all the class grade averages for you. You can even customize the grade style, grade weight, and scales.
  10. Automatic attendance and hour tracking – take the guesswork and pain of manual calculations away once and for all.
  11. Reports – from transcripts and report cards to lesson plans and reading logs and everything in between, we offer professional looking reports that will reflect the quality education you are providing.

100% Mobile Friendly – Use Anywhere

For you that means every feature works 100% on any type of device: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Our site adapts to whatever screen size you are using – no pinching or zooming required. And because it is mobile friendly, you have access to your records no matter where you are.

Sitting through soccer practice? In a doctor’s office for an appointment? Waiting in a parked car? Don’t lose valuable time. Break out the phone and start lesson planning or reviewing progress or recording grades today.

My School Year Homeschool record Keeping is 100% mobile friendly

Comprehensive Support

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping also provides numerous support options: online help and FAQs, a toll-free support line, support email and video tutorials. We also have a blogthat provides tips and tricks for using, practical homeschool organization skills, time management advice, and many more articles that help you get and STAY organized.

Membership Plans

My School Year offers two types of memberships plans: monthly and yearly. With a yearly membership, you qualify for our unique Price Lock Guarantee. As long as you maintain a yearly membership, we promise NEVER to raise your yearly membership fee. We are budget friendly for the life of your homeschool. No other program offers this commitment to homeschooling families.

Don’t waste another minute

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