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Reinvent Education:
At Northpoint Virtual Academy You Can:

Choose From Over 100 Course Options
Northpoint Virtual Academy utilizes internationally recognized, high quality, and dynamic curriculum. Parents receive a certificate of completion for courses completed with NVA and are responsible for tracking their student's progress in accordance with your state's requirements.
Have Confidence In Your Teachers
Northpoint Virtual Academy ensures that all of our staff are not only qualified to teach in their subject area, but are passionate about educating students. It is our desire to integrate high quality education with faith, character development, high moral standards, and family values.
Begin Courses Anytime, Any Place
Our courses can be started anytime throughout the year and can be completed from any location around the world with access to wifi. 
Complete Courses at Your Pace 
Each student will work together with their teacher and parent to develop an individualized pace structure for each course. If students are advanced in certain subjects, courses can be completed at an accelerated pace. Or, if students require more time to complete a course, they will have up to a calendar year to complete their coursework.
Personalize Your Education
In addition to offering over 100 courses to choose from, Northpoint Virtual Academy encourages students to pursue their passion by choosing from a variety of special electives that provide exposure to a multitude of career paths from photography to entrepreneurship to cosmetology. 
Experience More Than Just Online Courses
Our virtual education is more than just online courses. Students will have access to summer camps, youth retreats, vocational focused intensives, and mission trips. Our program partners with a variety of organizations and camps to provide a holistic approach aimed at academic, social and spiritual development.
Affordable Tuition
NVA offers affordable, monthly payment plans. Families can choose to complete courses in a 3, 6, or 10-month term and pay for each course on a monthly basis. 

Visit us today at www.northpointvirtual.com
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