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Picaboo Yearbooks is your homeschool yearbook provider. Whether you’re an individual who homeschools or you are part of a larger organization, yearbooks are an essential part of every student’s educational experience. From pre-school to high school, homeschool yearbooks are the perfect record keepers of achievements, activities and friendships.

Picaboo Yearbooks is committed to offering the best homeschool yearbook experience. We offer:

EASY ONLINE DESIGN TOOLS Our free online yearbook design tools are prefilled with layouts, covers, fun stickers and stylish fonts. Just drag and drop your photos or get creative and customize your own pages.

FREE PERSONALIZATION A 20-page, softcover yearbooks is just $9.49 and includes 4 personalized pages for students or parents to customize with their own photos and stories from the year.

NO MINIMUM ORDERS Order as many or as few yearbooks as you need! Every yearbook comes with a free eYearbook to be shared with family and friends.

3-WEEK TURNAROUND Work on your yearbook all year long. Once you submit your project it takes just 3 weeks to print, ship and deliver your yearbook. The fastest turnaround time in the industry.

FREE TUTORIALS Get started with our free Guidebook featuring a step by step plan to getting your yearbook underway. Video tutorials are also available and provide helpful tips and tricks to create the perfect homeschool yearbook.

DEDICATED YEARBOOK SUPPORT SPECIALISTS at your service. No need to go it alone. Our Yearbook Support Specialists are available to answer your questions and help with design ideas, photo editing and more.

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