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Time4Learning is an online subscription service which provides great education within a motivating structure. Key Features:

1. Provides a continuous stream of lessons and activities which allows children to build skills progressively.
2. Delivers lessons designed for each child's level
3. Motivates children by providing "Playground" time but only after the lessons. 
4. Complements most homeschool curriculum

Using Time4Learning, your children benefit from the finest online educational system available. Unlike most web sites and educational software, Time4Learning provides a continuous suite of instruction tracking each child's progress. Children can progress at their own pace with access to an unlimited number of lessons and activities. 

The heart of the Time4Learning system is an adaptation of the renowned CompassLearning™ lessons, activities, and quizzes.

To help you try the service, Time4Learning offers a risk free 14 day trial membership with a money-back offer. Get the details at  www.Time4Learning.com or call (954) 771-0914.

We all want the best for our children. While we believe that the computer and Internet have incredible potential for education, we have found that until now, taking advantage of this potential has been difficult. We've tried many software products and web sites with some successes and some disappointments. But mostly, we've found that picking the right sites and software is a never-ending challenge. Good news! Time4Learning delivers on the potential of student-centric self-paced online learning.

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