Are you fed up with “process writing”?
Isn’t there a way to really teach how to write?

Writing Whatever is the online writing course that does just that. Our unique system shows exactly how great sentences and paragraphs are built, using examples from authors like J. K. Rowling, Harper Lee, Jack London, and David McCullough. We’ll show you how those magicians do their tricks, and the results will be immediate and amazing.

  • “It was the most important course I took in high school.”
  • “Up 70 points. 90th percentile. WOW! As you can imagine, we were thrilled, andrelieved.”
  • “This is the first writing course I’ve ever seen Jeremiah get excited about.”
  • “Why didn’t someone tell me all this before? I get it!”

Writing Whatever students are in total control of every word, sentence, and paragraph.They can even visualize an entire essay before they write the first word. That means better results, faster, and with far less pain and frustration. The self-esteem that comes with such accomplishment is immeasurable.
Here’s an example of how it works, from Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park:

Then we give a quick prompt, like this:

Just fill in the Level 2s with your own description, and in minutes, you’re writing like Michael Crichton. And there’s 60 lessons like this!

Writing Whatever was inspired by Khan Academy. Unfortunately, there is no writing course in their curriculum yet (we’re working on it!). Like them, we begin each lesson with a short, focused video that precisely explains each new technique for writing great sentences, paragraphs, and essays. And of course, we cover punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, and even some tips for SAT or ACT writing samples and the personal college essay. These lessons apply to all kinds of writing—that’s why we call it Writing Whatever!

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