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Global Student Network Offers Many STEM Courses

Global Student Network is the leader of affordable online curriculum options. Your one-stop shop for grades K-12. Your choice of 8 online homeschool programs with over 2000+ courses, including many options in science, technology, engineering, and math. We offer secular and Christian, honors courses, Common Core & Non-Common Core. Plato, Apex Learning, A+ Courseware, Accelerate Learning, Odysseyware, Ignitia, and more. Monthly subscriptions available through our sister site. Homeschool Academic Advisor available. We customize to fit all learning styles, interests and needs in an engaging, motivating way—all under one roof! Enroll anytime!

International Virtual Learning Academy – Accredited Online School Offering STEM Diploma

International Virtual Learning Academy is a fully accredited online school for kindergarten through grade 12. We offer affordable online education with certified teachers. Each class is supported by a teacher, each student supported by a mentor. Many opportunities for social and engaging interactive support. STEM diploma requires specific courses and requirements. Families choose curriculum – Secular or Christian, Honors, AP, Career and Technical Education courses, ACT/SAT Prep or Rosetta Stone, and common core or non-common core – including Plato, Apex Learning, Odysseyware, Ignitia, Accelerate Learning. NCAA Approved. Gifted & Talented program available. Enroll anytime!

National Flight Academy

The National Flight Academy, located aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida, offers one of the most exciting and immersive educational environments in the world, inspiring students to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in an aviation-themed adventure aboard a simulated land-locked aircraft carrier. Students eat on mess decks, sleep in staterooms, plan missions, then fly them in networked flight simulators that ignite imagination and encourage learning.