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May Free Homeschool Printables

May is "Gifts of the Garden Month," so we have created some free garden-themed printables for you to use in your homeschool. Be sure to check out the new bonus holidays printable at the end!

Weather Homeschool Unit Study

Learn more about the weather with our homeschool unit study! With loads of resources and a free 50-page homeschooling ebook, you'll be having weather fun in no time.

Top Homeschool-Friendly Colleges

College is something that tends to loom large in the minds of homeschooling parents and students alike. How does one transition from the homeschool environment to a college or university environment? Is it harder for a homeschooled student to gain admission to the college of his choice? Will a homeschooled student be eligible for scholarships […]

President’s Day Unit Study Starter

Chances are good that if you check your calendar, the third Monday of February is Presidents’ Day. Why do we celebrate Presidents’ Day? Is it just another patriotic day or a day to take off from school?  Initially, the holiday began in 1885 to recognize George Washington, which is why it’s still called “Washington’s Birthday.” […]