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Over the last month, staff have researched different homeschooling products, curriculum, websites, and fun books, to come up with's Top Back to Homeschool Resources. Please take a moment to review the chosen companies (listed alphabetically below)—as they've been named the best of the best!

Homeschool High School Transcripts

Telling parents of a homeschooled teen that they need to prepare a high school transcript can be equivalent to yelling, “Fire!” in a movie theater – panic ensues. While a high school transcript may be a necessity, it is not impossible and can be quite easy if you keep good records as your child progresses. […]

Top Back to Homeschool Resource Awards

During the last two weeks, readers have voted for their Top Back to Homeschool Resources. These include products, curriculum, and websites. Please take a moment to review the winning companies—as they've been named the best of the best!

Homeschooling and College Admissions

Homeschooling and College Admissions – a survey for homeschoolers AND for colleges! Genius!! My husband and I made the decision to homeschool our two sons in the middle of their 1st and 4th-grade years. It was the end of January, the testing season was about to begin again, and we decided enough was enough – […]

Integrating Math Into Other Subjects

  Math is the least liked subject for many homeschool parents and children. It can be scary, boring and frustrating. But math doesn’t have to be any of these things. Research has shown that children learn best and better understand what they are learning about when they can make connections with previous learning or with […]