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Homeschooling High School

With You Every Step of the Way! We want you to enjoy your high school homeschooling adventure! Let us help lighten your load with our free tools for your homeschool. Grab these high-quality, beautiful, professional documents that you can adapt and make your own. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the important […]

Rod and Staff

“Rod and Staff English is a unique blend of grammar and composition (writing) that produces outstanding results. Add Spelling by Sound and Structure to build word power, and Rod and Staff’s reading (literature) to complete a thorough Language Arts Program. A good understanding of language is basic to the study of any subject and for communicating with others. The Building […]

Homeschool High School Bible

Looking for resources for teaching homeschool high school Bible? Read on for more information on courses and suggested studies.

Homeschool High School History

Wondering what history courses your high school homeschooler needs to prepare them for the future? Read on to find out more.