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Organization & Time Management for Homeschoolers

Organization & Time Management for Homeschoolers When asks homeschooling parents what their biggest challenge is, the overwhelming response is: 1) finding enough time to do it all, and 2) how to motivate the kids. In this article we’ll give you some ideas on how you can organize your home and your schedule so that […]

Homeschooling the Child Who Hates School

Homeschooling the Child Who Hates School Homeschooling is not just for gifted students, Olympic athletes or those winning national spelling or geography bees. The beauty of homeschooling is that it works to meet the needs of the individual student rather than striving to placate a multitude of students with a multitude of needs. Because of […]

Are Great Leaders Born or Made?

There are definitely two sides to the on-going debate as to whether great leaders are born or made. Here’s where we, at SuperCamp, come out on this issue. Yes, certain people are born with, or intrinsically develop, various traits that help them become good leaders. However, for the most part, we share the opinion of […]

Homeschooling & Loving it! – Newsletter Issue 21 – Extra Special Homeschooling

Extra Special Homeschooling Issue 21 “Can I Really Homeschool a Special Needs Teen?” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Not only can you homeschool a teen with special needs, but it’s also likely the best thing you can do for your student. Teachers in an institutionalized setting, loving […]

4 Things Elementary Writers Need to Master Before Middle School

Guest post sponsored by You know that feeling where you turn around twice, and your infant is suddenly walking and talking? Then you turn around again a couple times, and your toddler is writing letters and sounding out simple words? That phenomenon doesn’t end once your student is in the school years – – […]


Summer enrichment is traditionally considered to be a great way to expose students to new or more advanced areas of learning during the long summer vacation break. No argument there. But the right kind of summer enrichment program can play another significant role in a student’s academic success and that is in helping prevent summer […]

STEAM: One Square Foot Project

Do you have kids who are itching to get outside after spending most of the winter months cooped up inside? Spring is the perfect time to teach children about life cycles and plants. It’s also prime time for life science-based STEAM activities. Here, we take a look at a spring STEAM experiment that’s sure to […]

Spotlight ON Science: Comprehensive Guide to Science Fairs

Participating in a science fair is a rite of passage for some kids. Kids who enjoy science love having the chance to share their expertise with others and they often welcome a dose of healthy competition – especially when there are prizes involved! With science fair season right around the corner, you may be wondering […]

Test Prep: Methods of Study

Odds are, your teen is in the thick of test prep for the SAT and the ACT – or just one – soon. As a homeschooler, you’re probably used to being your student’s main teacher. This SAT and ACT stuff, though, may have you completely stumped. How are you supposed to help your teen prepare […]

Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting

Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting By Nan Jay Barchowsky Learn to write with simple, efficient letterforms that flow from print-script to a true cursive with NO change of fine motor habits. Habits are never easy to change! Use the Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting to write and enjoy this easy, efficient method. It’s for all ages! Children start with […]