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Quick Facts about Homeschoolers and College

Many people think that homeschoolers are not prepared for college. According to research by the National Education Association, most people are concerned about the effectiveness of a homeschool curriculum and the lack of socialization. However, the facts prove that homeschoolers are often even more successful in college than other students. Many professors note that homeschoolers […]

5 Ways to Embrace the Holidays With Simplicity

The holidays are fast approaching and, naturally, you may be feeling the pressure to get it all done in time before the end of the year. While this is traditionally supposed to be a time for families and friends to convene and make memories, let’s face it – it takes a lot of planning, preparing, […]

10 Ways to Make Your Homeschool Literacy Rich!

Incorporating high-quality children’s literature into your homeschool isn’t as difficult as you might think! In fact, in most cases, it can happen quite naturally. With a little planning and intentional determination to infuse your homeschool with literature, you’ll be amazed at the results. Incorporating Literature Into Your Homeschool Define literature. Literature is more than just […]

3 STEM Experiments to Kickstart Your Homeschool Year

Each school year brings with it the ability to try new things and have new experiences. Last year, we brought you a new STEM experiment every month centered around specific themes. To kick start this year, we felt it’d only be fitting to start out with a few STEM experiments you could use to start […]

Constitution Week Study Resources

Being an American is certainly something to be proud of! Were it not for the rights outlined in the Constitution, you may not even be reading this article. Thanks to those rights, you’re free to read whatever you’d like. But, where do you get those rights? They’re outlined for you in the U.S. Constitution. The […]

Are Your Children Headed for Academic Success?

A sponsored post from Mrs. Wordsmith With great freedom comes great responsibility. How can homeschooling parents ensure their children are learning new words in the most effective way possible? Schools are falling short of meeting the required milestones in a child’s development. In the US, only 34% of 4th graders are reading and comprehending proficiently […]

Top 100 Educational Websites of 2018!

We asked and you voted! We gave you the categories and you told us who your top 100 favorite homeschool curriculum providers were in each category. Thank you so much for participating! Below, you’ll find the results of YOUR votes. Be sure to check out any that interest you! Great Places to Purchase Homeschool Curriculum […]

Spotlight on: Creating Your Own Literature-Based Unit Study

Has your homeschooling stopped dead in its tracks this summer? As one homeschool mom to another – don’t let it! Do something – even if you’re just reading and doing unit studies. Unit studies are often so much fun, your students may actually enjoy learning through summer. Literature-based unit studies are among the best types […]

The Virtual Conference You’ve Been Waiting For!

Homeschool convention season is wrapping up for 2018. But, what happens if you can’t make it to the convention in person? Are there any other options for participating in a homeschool convention? Absolutely! Did you know you can attend virtual homeschool conferences?  If you homeschool high school students, this fact is probably music to your […]

Organization & Time Management for Homeschoolers

Organization & Time Management for Homeschoolers When asks homeschooling parents what their biggest challenge is, the overwhelming response is: 1) finding enough time to do it all, and 2) how to motivate the kids. In this article we’ll give you some ideas on how you can organize your home and your schedule so that […]