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STEAM: Science Fair Ideas for Elementary

Are you ready to create concoctions and explosions? It’s science fair time and that’s exactly the type of thing your student will get to do! Preparing for the science fair pays off in big ways because your child learns far more than just science concepts throughout the process of putting together an experiment. For many […]

Why Do We Celebrate Presidents’ Day? Lessons for Every Child

Chances are good that if you check your calendar, the third Monday of February is Presidents’ Day. Why do we celebrate Presidents’ Day? Is it just another patriotic day or a day to take off from school?  Initially, the holiday began in 1885 to recognize George Washington, which is why it’s still called “Washington’s Birthday.” […]

Top 100 – 1999's Top 100 Web Sites The websites listed below represent some of the best educational sites on the Internet today. based the selection on the following criteria: - Is the site educational? - Is the site well organized and easy to use? - Does the site make good use of the latest Internet technology? [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Language – Your Homeschooling Advisors

   Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Language with Dr. Blair Study of a foreign language has become an essential part homeschooling worldwide. With 20-30 minutes a day your child can begin enhancing their studies with the addition of a second language. In only two to three semesters your high school student can learn to speak [...]

Wordly Wise 3000® Online's Product Reviews Grades 2-12 $39.95 Wordly Wise 3000® Online, from EPS Literacy and Intervention (a leading publisher of K–12 blended-media reading and math solutions) helps students in grades 2-12 master the vocabulary they encounter in grade-level literature, content-area reading, textbooks, and in tests (including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT). This online version [...]

UWorld's Product Reviews is a software based test prep company. For the past 15 years they've been helping doctors and nurses with their licensing exams and now they are helping high school students prepare for the SAT.   Here's a little information about their SAT program: UWorld has MANY (over 1400) practice questions [...]

Uzinggo's Product Reviews Uzinggo - Ages 11-18 -- $9.95-$14.95/month, $94.95-134.95/year, $49.95 Prep and review courses Uzinggo is an online math and science website designed for middle and high school students. Uzinggo was developed by Adaptive Curriculum, a company homeschoolers know and trust. You might be wondering, "What does Uzinggo stand for--what does it mean?" [...]

SRSD's Product Reviews Kindergarten – Sixth Grade   SRSD K-6 Writing Strategies   SRSD – Self-Regulated Strategy Developed As a homeschool parent, are you willing to take a course, so you can better teach your kids how to write? Will you invest in yourself, so you can invest in them? That's what's required with [...]

Rev It Up Reading's Product Reviews Rev It Up Reading - Teens, $199 ($149 if you sign up for their e-mails)   Read Smarter, Faster and Just Plain Better! Rev It Up Reading is an online speed reading course that helps you read faster and comprehend better. It's available online and on demand 24/7--making it easy for [...]