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Atelier Homeschool Art

The Atelier curriculum is a complete, easy to teach homeschool art program that gets results! Join the many who have had great success in teaching art in the comfort of your own home.

Why Study Math? 

Studying math is important, but getting that across to children and teens is difficult. Find out why we should teach math and more...

eTAP Homeschool Product Review

eTAP provides homeschool teachers & students with all primary and secondary school course of instruction, plus college entrance exams Test Prep for the GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB and more.

Episode 23: Answering Intrusive Homeschool Questions

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER If you’ve been homeschooling any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced this. It’s so easy to get annoyed or even defensive when the questions feel intrusive or even ignorant. But that right there is the key… Is the questioner just ignorant of homeschooling in general? Many […]

 Keep Your Writer Inspired Throughout the Holidays

Sponsored post by When the holidays start approaching, do your children start getting antsy? If all they want to talk about is the holidays, vacation time, candy treats, and snow, then this is the perfect time to have them write a creative story—not a short two or three pager, a real story. Give it […]

Gameschooling by Subject!

Gameschooling by Subject! You’ll find affiliate links in this article, but these links allow us to support our purpose of providing homeschoolers with amazing free content! Gameschooling is a popular choice for many homeschoolers for the simple reason that it encourages learning through play.  Many of us recognize the benefit of learning games and educational […]