Shaila Ittycheria

Shaila Ittycheria

Learning-by-Doing Opportunities

Shaila Ittiycheria is the co-founder of, the first national apprenticeship program for 21st century careers in business, technology, design, life sciences, and entrepreneurship.

Working in New York’s startup scene, Shaila witnessed first-hand graduates with a lack of critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

Rather than letting the name of an academic institution define someone’s worth, Shaila hopes to build a system that maximizes human capital potential by focusing on skill based knowledge, developed competencies, and proven work experience.

In Shaila’s interview, she explains how you can take your homeschooling from ordinary to extraordinary by focusing on learning-by-doing opportunities that enable you to build competencies and skills that lead to real-life jobs. If your child is interested in such an experience– is accepting application until September 15th. places talented millennials (ages 18-24 years old) in full-time, paid apprenticeships where they learn by doing at the fastest growing companies. Your student can apply for 50+ jobs withone application.

Shaila is a Harvard Business School graduate, 2014 GOOD 100 honoree, 2013 Echoing Green Fellow, and a 2012 Francis Hesselbein Institute NEXT Leader of the Future. She speaks often on education, learning by doing, and workforce development and has also been featured in The New York Times, PBS, Forbes Magazine, CNN, The Huffington Post, and Fast Company.

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