Summer Slide – Advantages of Summer Learning

Summer 2016

The Advantages of Summer Learning

What is Summertime Learning? Let’s begin with what summertime learning is not. Summer learning is not the same as school year learning. Summer vacation is a wonderful tradition and one that is well worth preserving. A break from our usual routines is a chance to replenish creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and spirits. This slower season rejuvenates parents and children by providing a chance to view learning through a different lens and to develop new sets of dynamic learning tools.

Summertime learning is about freedom and learning on our families’ own terms. It is a chance for each of us to roll up our sleeves and plunge deep into projects that ignite our curiosity. This special season provides a unique opportunity to create educational goals that are in harmony with the specific needs of the learner.

Your child may have the mind of a specialist wanting to delve deep into a single subject, like entomology, calculus, theatre, or the violin. You can introduce this child to local professors, members of an acting troupe, or musicians in your community. Perhaps you have a young Renaissance kiddo who enjoys sampling a smattering of everything on his or her learning plate. Summer is a great time to introduce such a child to a range of diverse experiences.

At last! There is time to pursue the individual learning needs your child has!

Summertime learning leaves room for uninterrupted, undirected play. Children make some of their most profound discoveries and connections when given the freedom to explore, move, and navigate their own learning paths. While mapping your family’s plans for the summer, be sure to leave ample time for doing “nothing.” Often times, these are the most magical moments of the summer season, allowing incredible opportunities for our kids to flourish.

This summer, your family will develop practices you can easily extend throughout the school year. Some of these practices just might be the best summer souvenirs your family acquires.

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