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Visit www.McRuffy.com to learn why our products are a popular choice of homeschool families.

  • Easy-to-Use Teaching Format: Complete, detailed lesson plans make it a breeze to teach lessons with very little prep time.
  • Homeschool Friendly: Developed with the homeschool family in mind.
  • Colorful, Engaging Materials: Workbooks feature a variety of activities.
    Original reading books are full of fun and lovable characters. Many grade levels include an assortment of other materials beyond the workbook to create learning experiences.
  • Hands-On Learning: Math and science curriculums use a variety of manipulatives to experience concepts.
  • A Growing Library of Free Online Learning Activities: New activities are being added.
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  • Complete Packages for Each Subject Area: A McRuffy Press curriculum gives you
    all your child needs to be a successful learner at a reasonable price.
  • Customer Support: We’re here to help with any questions you may have.

McRuffy Press has been a homeschool favorite for over 25 years!

Homeschool Charter purchase orders are welcome!

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Homeschool Charter purchase orders are welcome!