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Homeschool.com's Resource Guide is the place to go for just about every type of homeschooling curricula available.

To view the entire Resource Guide, go to: Homeschool.com Resource Guide

Top ten resource guide categories

  1. High School (Note: For years, the most popular Resource Guide category was "Curriculum." But there has been a huge increase in the number of high school homeschoolers, so now the most popular category is High School.) Read more>>
  2. Curriculum (Note: Our Resource Guide lists the most popular curricula being used by homeschoolers today.)
    Read more>>
  3. Elementary school Read more>>
  4. Middle schoolRead more>>
  5. MathRead more>>
  6. ReadingRead more>>
  7. ScienceRead more>>
  8. HistoryRead more>>
  9. Early childhoodRead more>>
  10. Christian CurriculumRead more>>

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