Valentine’s Day Cards and Printables!

February 5, 2023
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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful chance to express love to each other, create fun crafts, bake holiday-themed treats, and generally show your children and family how much they mean to you.  Plus, it’s an excuse to eat chocolate, and I’m always down for that!

5 Fun Valentine’s Activities for Kids

In addition to making Valentine’s printables or cards for each other, there are a few activities you can do with your children on Valentine’s Day to sprinkle extra fun into your homeschool day.  It’s extra fun when Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend, but it’s likely to end up on a weekday — which means a more exciting homeschool day for us! Here are five ideas to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your kiddos.

  • Have a pink pancake breakfast! What feels more like Valentine’s than pink food?!  Kick-off the day with a festive breakfast of pink pancakes or waffles.  You could use red food coloring or strawberries in the batter, but either way, add a noticeable pink hue.  Even better, try shaping your pancakes into hearts!
  • Make cards for each other & grandparents. We all know how much the grandparents adore cards from their grandbabies.  Let’s grab the cardstock, glitter, stick glue, and markers — and get to work!
  • Decorate sugar cookies. While baking or decorating sugar cookies is usually associated with Christmas activities, it sounds wonderful for Valentine’s Day as well!  Perhaps choose a red and pink theme for the frosting, icing, and sprinkles. While you are finishing up with the oven, your kids will have a blast creating their own decorations!  As a bonus, it would be even more fun if you used heart-shaped cookie cutters!
  • Create heart & snowflake decorations. Personally, I always associate snow with Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to growing up in the mountains, snowfall was consistently heaviest on Valentine’s Day.  If it feels like a wintery holiday to you as well, decorate your house with snowflake cutouts — as well as hearts or bows, of course!
  • Go ice skating! If you have an ice rink nearby, take a P.E. day and grab your skates!  This could be a fun opportunity to get your blood pumping and enjoy the fresh air, or even begin teaching your youngest children how to ice skate.

5 Valentine’s Day Crafts and Resources

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for crafts and hands-on projects.  Whether you are looking for Valentine’s printables for kids, or incorporating a history of Valentine’s Day in your homeschool, there is a lot of variety available.  I have always loved homemade Valentine’s cards or home-printed cards from online templates, like the free Valentine’s printables below. Our family loves reading and unit studies, so these five ideas include those resources and more!

Valentine’s Day Printable Puzzle Pack

We love sharing our favorite homeschool creations with our friends. And this year, we have two super fun Valentine’s Day Printables to send your way. First, we’ve shared our own Valentine’s Day Puzzles we use in our homeschool, and then we’ve designed a set of Valentine’s Day cards with three options to choose from. We hope you enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentine's Day Puzzle PrintablesValentine Cards Printable Pack








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