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Homeschooling Printables
for Preschool

Preschool Printables

101 Things To Do This Summer

Summer Boredom-inator

Summer Boredom-inator (Weekly)

Free Printable Online

Drawing Circles

Color Shapes

Identify Numbers

B and b

L and l

Number Matching

Little Passports - Your child's ticket to an exciting global adventure!




Northwest Nazarene University Coloring Book

Oak Meadow - Learn more about our educational philosophy.

Preschool Grade Overview

Show Me a Story Activity Kit

School Sparks

Tracing Letter Worksheets - Award-winning preschool curriculum  that includes developmentally appropriate learning games & printable worksheets for young learners. - Award-winning free website offering customizable handwriting worksheets  and printables available in large type, perfect for preschool writing practice. 


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