End of the Homeschool Year Checklist

The end of this school year is fast approaching and there are always loose ends that need to be tucked away! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!  In fact, we are here to help you wrap things up with an easy-to-follow –  printable, end of the year, homeschooling checklist at the end of this article!

Wrap up Those Homeschooling Records

We all know record keeping is the least enjoyable of our homeschool tasks, but truly one of the most important. So, it’s always a good idea to finish your record keeping before you take off for summer break. If you are needing some record-keeping help and want to find some great organizational tools, grab our Sanity Saver Homeschooling Planner. Indeed, more than a planner, it has record-keeping forms and so much more to help you finish everything off in style. It’s printable and FREE too so you’ll be finalizing everything in a jiffy!

Print Your Planner


Fulfill State Homeschooling Requirements

Every state has different homeschool requirements, but before you push back and take it easy… make sure you’ve fulfilled them. First, take time to double-check that you’ve submitted all necessary paperwork.

Review Your State Laws


Record Your Standardized Tests

Additionally, many states require standardized testing if this is the case with your homeschool make sure that you record the test scores for later reference. In fact, I’ve even taken a picture at times and then uploaded the picture to my files. It’s just a good idea to have those scores saved in a few places.


Create Final Homeschooling Documents

I know we hate making all these documents, but sometimes kids really do enjoy seeing how they’ve done in a formal report card. Not to mention the fact that the kids can take those and get rewards at local restaurants and theme parks. So create one today AND we’ve made it easy!

Print a Report Card


Take Care of Those Homeschool Transcripts

One of the worst things that I’ve ever done was to forget to fill in the course descriptions on my high schooler’s transcripts. By the time the next school year rolled around, I had completely forgotten the details. Indeed, it was much harder to do “after the fact.” Lesson learned… do it right after they finish!

Create Your Transcripts


Review Your Year with SWOT

Take time to review your year with this handy SWOT Homeschool Analysis Worksheet.

Use a SWOT Homeschool Worksheet


Plan Your Summer Homeschooling

For those of us who like to do a little learning during the summer, now is the perfect time to make that summer plan. Take a minute to write down what your goals are for the summer, align some light learning activities to meet those goals, and plan for some fun field trips to make the summer great!

Get a Free Summer Learning Book


Download your Free End of the Year Homeschooling Checklist now!

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