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The American School offers the best value in high school distance education—combining affordable tuition and top-quality curriculum in both print and online formats. In its 117-year history, the American School has educated more than three million students from across the country and around the world. Many of them, such as bestselling author Christopher Paolini and actress Jessica Alba, have gone on to become famous, but all of our students enjoy the benefits of what we call our Four C's—curriculum, caring student service, credibility and cost.

After you are accepted at the American School, you can earn your accredited diploma faster than you ever thought possible—up to twice as fast as classroom high schools—by choosing either of two distinct diploma programs, both of which consist of 18 units of credit from our innovative curriculum.

If you are planning on attending college, consider our College Preparatory program. Students complete 15 required courses and may take art courses, foreign languages courses or courses such as Business Law and Journalism as their three electives. More information on the College Preparatory program, including a list of required courses, can be found at /collegeprep.

If you are planning on going into the workforce immediately after graduation, consider our General High School program. Students complete 13 required courses and may take trade courses, such as Carpentry or Automotive Repair, or life skills courses, such as Food Study and Home Planning and Decorating as their five electives. More information on the General High School program, including a list of required courses, can be found at

In total, the American School offers more than 70 courses, many of which are available in entirely paper-based and entirely online formats. The American School also offers online exams in select paper-based courses. Offering the same top-quality courses in multiple formats allows students to learn in the way that is most comfortable to them.

Students work entirely at their own pace, but they are never alone. The American School tries to make distance learning as personal as possible. For example, our instructors write personalized, handwritten comments when they grade exams in print courses, and our staff is available during normal business hours to answer telephone and e-mail inquiries. The dedication of our staff is one reason why the American School is accredited by Accreditation International (Ai) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and recognized by the State of Illinois as a non-public high school.

The American School's status as a non-profit school allows us to keep costs to an absolute minimum. A full 18-unit diploma program, including all study materials and grading of exams, costs just $2100, and flexible monthly payment plans are available. Prices for students residing in a foreign country are slightly higher. In addition, the American School offers free evaluations of transcripts from United States high schools and offers pro-rated prices if you need fewer than 18 units of credit to earn your high school diploma. If you desire to take American School courses to enrich an existing homeschool program, you can do that, too. The cost of individual courses usually runs between $150 and $300.

Over the years, we noticed a heightened interest in ACT and SAT prep courses. In response to requests from our students, we became an affiliate of Method Test Prep, a company that has specialized in online preparation for the ACT or SAT for more than a decade. Method Test Prep offers both self-paced and teacher-led courses, and anybody who uses the code AMERICAN when enrolling in one of Method Test Prep's teacher-led prep courses will receive a 10% discount off their purchase. Method Test Prep is responsible for all course content and billing, their customer service team answers any and all questions from American School students and for others who enroll in their courses through the American School's Web site, and Method Test Prep's courses do not count toward an American School student's diploma requirements. For more information on the American School's affiliation with Method Test Prep, visit

The American School is ready to help you earn your accredited high school diploma. Call 866-260-7221 around the clock, or visit to enroll today!


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