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Finding homeschool curriculum that fits your family's needs is the foundation of a great experience.

Find your best-fit curriculum with these steps:

  • Step 1: Diagnose - Take the Homeschool Curriculum Finder Quiz.
  • Step 2: Search - Discover good options using the filters below.
  • Step 3: Explore - Test drive your options. Ask for free samples & trials.
  • Step 4: Commit - Purchase the curriculum that works best for you!


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How to Find Your Homeschool Curriculum

Whether you're new to homeschooling or a homeschooling pro that just wants to switch up a curriculum, don't worry, we've got you covered. You’re probably wondering, "What is the best homeschool curriculum?" Well, because every homeschool family is unique, the question should be, "What curriculum should I use?" The answer - the best homeschool curriculum will fit your needs!

We have a trio of diagnostic homeschool quizzes that will help you find the right homeschool curriculum for your family.

When looking for a homeschool curriculum we've discovered that taking the time to "try before you buy" is a life-saver! Most online homeschool curriculum will offer a free trial, or if the homeschool curriculum is text-based, they will typically offer some sort of free pdf sample that can be printed. We encourage you to take this extra step. Over the years, we've found that sometimes the amazing, popular curriculum that works for everyone else doesn't always work for us. Getting a feel for how a curriculum works and letting your kids take it for spin really enables the whole family to get in on the decision to find the best homeschool curriculum for your unique needs.

What Curriculum Should I Use?

When you begin your search for the best homeschool curriculum for your family, consider using the Homeschool Curriculum Finder Tool. You’ll be able to narrow your search by your homeschool philosophy, your homeschool methods, whether you work and homeschool, and your homeschool student’s learning style.

In addition, we’ve also made it easy for you to browse homeschool favorites with our Top Homeschool Curriculum list from the Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards!

For those who may be on a tight budget and wondering “What homeschool curriculum should I use?” Our Homeschool Curriculum Finder Tool allows you to search by price enabling you to find free homeschool curriculum or other more affordable homeschool curriculum options.

All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum

Many homeschoolers look for an easy all-in-one homeschool curriculum. You can often find this type of homeschool program in complete homeschool curriculum packages. Some homeschoolers enjoy the simplicity in having this put together, others find it difficult. Explore your options before you decide.

Another all-time favorite homeschool curriculum option includes online homeschool courses. These are usually available as both individual courses or complete online homeschool programs.

Whatever homeschool curriculum option that you choose, take the time to “test drive” before you invest. Almost every homeschool curriculum program out there has a free trial or free download that allows you to see what you’ll get before you buy.

Getting a feel for how a curriculum works and letting your kids take it for spin really enables the whole family to get in on the decision to find the best homeschool curriculum for your unique needs.