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Sugar White Sands & Great Family Adventures!
It's time to turn off the digital devices, pack the car, and prepare for enthusiasm and questions on a level you've never experienced before as your family hits the road for an educational adventure on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The sugar white sands, turquoise water, and family-friendly feel of this southern coastal community make Gulf Shores and Orange Beach the perfect place to combine quality time together with experiential learning your children will always remember.
Plan the Best Field Trip Ever For Your Kids
Plan the most awesome field trip ever for your kids—a winter vacation that's filled with family ski days, fun activities, special events and tons of family bonding opportunities designed specifically for you and your little ones! Join Keystone Resort for fun and educational activities designed to create lasting memories during your ski vacation.
A Winter Vacation and Entertainment for the Entire Family
Keystone Resort in Colorado has a phenomenal spring break planned just for homeschoolers. Join Keystone February 22 through March 1 for a winter vacation and entertainment for the entire family.
Where the idea of America was born and still lives today
For more than 70 years, Colonial Williamsburg has provided a premier field trip experience, educating students about the revolutionary ideas and ideals that helped forge America. Through engaging and interactive programming, homeschooled students have the opportunity to travel back in time and become immersed in the everyday life of a colonial city.
Special Summer Offer from Little Passports
Featured in Real Simple, Disney Family Fun Magazine, Parents Magazine and more, Little Passports subscriptions take your child on an exciting adventure around the USA and world. Watch as your child races to the mailbox every month! Each monthly package introduces kids to a different country or two new states featuring geography, history, culture, foods and more!'s Summer Freebie Extravaganza, Part II
We're happy to announce, The Summer Freebie Extravaganza is a HUGE hit! As of today, many freebies are on the page, and many more are in the queue. The freebies include FREE trials, FREE year-long subscriptions, FREE Kindle e-books, FREE printables, FREE travel guides, FREE books, FREE downloads, plus so much MORE! 
Pack Your Bags
Join us at where we will explore, with a bent towards the educational aspects of family travel. Several times per week we give you tips and tricks for successful travel. Read articles about stretching your dollar by traveling in off-season. Learn about unique holidays, and how to celebrate them with travel. Investigate educational offerings in YOUR city and cities near you. 
Save on Travel to Charleston S.C. - A Destination For Learning
As you know, an important part of homeschooling includes reinforcing the important lessons learned at home by bringing your child's studies to life. When it comes to U.S. History, a visit to Charleston, South Carolina can give your homeschooler an incredible range of opportunities to explore, learn, and make some great memories. 
Inspire Your Child to Learn About the World!
Little Passports teaches your child about the world, one month at a time. Every month, globetrotting characters, Sam and Sofia travel to a new country and send your child an exciting package via postal mail filled with an educational letter, souvenirs, activities, photos and online games.
Travel the World and Get a College Education--All at the Same Time--it's Possible!
If you can take your college classes in the comfort of your home--why not from your apartment in Bangkok or from a busy hostel in Mendoza, Argentina? Rent and food in these areas are cheaper than in most U.S. cities and car and auto insurance aren't necessary (think walking and riding a bike). Due to the cost-of-living, taking classes abroad might be cheaper than taking them at home!
Orlando - Educational and Fun All in One!
Orlando--Central Florida--such an educational and fun destination! There are so many things to do and see when visiting Central Florida. Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios, Sea World, Bush Gardens, dinner theaters, shopping, beaches--are just a few of the exciting adventures. If you don't want to visit the attractions, just come and enjoy the fun!
Be Part of the Story
Colonial Williamsburg invites your family to embark on an 18th-century revolutionary adventure. Experience a colonial city and meet the citizens who helped build a nation. Explore the 301-acre Historic Area, browse the world-class indoor museums, and discover something new about the creation of America.'s Family Friendly Travel Guides's staff have traveled to different cities to put together this Family-Friendly Travel Guide, just for YOU. We've played, tasted and learned our way through these gorgeous areas, just so we can recommend the best places to take your family. These places are educational, kid-friendly, and just plain fun.
On Location in France
Day 5: Castles & Gardens

Meet's Jr. Media Team that traveled to France to mentor and learn about the people, places and culture of France! Travel virtually with them starting today and for the next five days!
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