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NOVEMBER 10, 2021
Free and Affordable Homeschool Curriculum

It’s that time again when the school year is getting cranked up, and those homeschool families who tentatively follow local school calendars are making their plans and schedules. One major…

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OCTOBER 18, 2021
Digital Homeschool Organization: Gradebook, Report Card, and Planner

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to tame the paper tiger of record-keeping in your homeschool look no further! Digital Homeschool Organization is here. Our new digital homeschool…

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OCTOBER 15, 2021
Holiday Gift Guide: 1 Stop Shopping for Homeschool Gifts

This year's holiday gift guide for homeschoolers is here! We've partnered with several great companies to bring some amazing deals on Christmas gifts you'll love. Take a minute to look through…

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OCTOBER 4, 2021
Homeschooling High School Electives

Many homeschooling parents have a mental block when it comes to high school. Though you may have homeschooled throughout your child’s entire educational career, it suddenly seems impossible…

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OCTOBER 3, 2021
Questions About Homeschooling 

Do you have questions about how to start homeschooling? Not sure what the first step as a new homeschooler might be? Well, you've come to the right place. We're here for you, and we want to…

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OCTOBER 2, 2021
The Scoop on Socialization?

The question of socialization comes up often in conversations about homeschooling. Parents who are new to homeschooling or considering it as a future option may recognize that school provides…

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