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AUGUST 14, 2023
Back to Homeschool Launch Kit!

It's Back to Homeschool time!  Obviously, we know it can feel like it's hitting all at once. This is especially true for new homeschoolers. Undoubtedly, there is so much to work through and…

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JULY 15, 2023
Shark Week Homeschool Unit Study

Do you have a little one who loves sharks? This unit study is for you! July is the home of the ever-popular Shark Week, so we thought this would be a great time to deliver this exciting study…

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JUNE 30, 2023
Summer Learning Guide

Learning resources for summer are everywhere, but the best advice we can share: keep summer learning simple and fun! Start With Free Summer Resources [rounded_btn_container][rounded_btn…

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JUNE 19, 2023
British Lit Unit Study: The Hobbit

We all know there have been amazing works of literature that have been written and enjoyed by millions throughout the years. These stories and authors have originated worldwide and helped expand…

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JUNE 16, 2023
How to Avoid Summer Learning Slide

The Advantages of Summer Learning What is Summertime Learning? First, let's begin with what summertime learning is not. In fact, summer learning is not the same as school-year…

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JUNE 4, 2023
Vote On Your Favorite Homeschool Curriculum

Vote for your favorite curriculum below so they can win and you'll be entered to win our HUGE homeschool bundle worth over $1000!  (Scroll down to see prize details!) /**/   Join…

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