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JUNE 15, 2022
Summer Learning Opportunities

Learning resources are plentiful and easy to find. But filling your summer with loads of learning isn't always fun...the best advice? Keep it simple. To simplify your summer learning…

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JUNE 13, 2022
Ocean Animals Homeschool Unit Study

Is there a subject or topic your children are interested in and you would like to include in your homeschool plans? An easy way to do that is with a unit study. While there are many different…

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JUNE 1, 2022
“On-Demand” Homeschool Virtual Conference

Register today to save your place in our FREE Back to Homeschool Virtual Conference! It’s our goal to provide homeschoolers with the tools they need to homeschool well.  This July we’ll…

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MAY 30, 2022
Vote For Favorite Homeschool Curriculum

VOTE TODAY for your favorite curriculum below and enter to win our HUGE homeschool bundle worth over $2000!  (Scroll down to see prize details!) /**/ Join thousands of homeschoolers…

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MAY 3, 2022
What is Deschooling?

In short, deschooling is about learning how to learn outside the classroom. Deschooling is a process for children and parents alike when transitioning from traditional school to homeschooling.…

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MAY 2, 2022
Monthly Themed Homeschool Printables

A great thing about homeschooling is the ability to use anything from which to learn. No matter which curriculum you choose to use, or perhaps you choose not to use a curriculum at all, there…

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