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JANUARY 16, 2024
Free and Affordable Homeschool Curriculum

It’s that time again when the school year is cranking up, and those homeschool families who tentatively follow local school calendars are making their plans and schedules. Indeed, many homeschooling…

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JANUARY 3, 2024
Testimonials: What Our Users Say

At, we take immense joy in our ability to help homeschoolers with the resources they need. Nothing speaks louder about the value we provide than the words of those who have experienced…

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DECEMBER 30, 2023
Public School to Homeschool Mid-Year Transition Guide

You may be wondering how to switch from public school to homeschool... if that's the case, let us help!  Many parents make this choice for starting homeschool mid-year, often during the winter…

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DECEMBER 29, 2023
125 Free Online Learning Activities for Kids

Free Online Learning Activities for Kids! Learning from home is a unique opportunity to take your child’s education and shape it specifically to their own specific needs. The amazing thing…

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DECEMBER 25, 2023
Help! Our Schedule Isn’t Working!

For many people, scheduling can be a safety net. Sure, it’s a way to create guidelines for your day and to ensure that there is a goal for accomplishment. Yet, sometimes we inadvertently create…

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DECEMBER 7, 2023
Holiday Homeschool Unit Study

The holidays are swiftly approaching. Of course there is much cause for excitement and celebration around this time of year, however, juggling all the holiday things and homeschooling can be…

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