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Getting Started Homeschool Guide

Learning How to Homeschool is something you can do! We're so excited you've chosen to homeschool. And we're here to make sure you have everything you need to accomplish that goal. We've tried…

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Get Your Free Homeschool ID Card for Discounts!

You've started your homeschool journey and you have the basics covered, but have you thought about a homeschool ID card?  There are a lot of perks to having Homeschool ID Cards from discounts…

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AUGUST 27, 2023
Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards

We hope you'll use these awards as you plan your new homeschooling year! Discover the most popular homeschool curriculum among our community in 2023! Discover new homeschooling curriculum …

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AUGUST 20, 2023
Pride and Prejudice Unit Study

We all know there have been amazing works of literature that have been written and enjoyed by millions throughout the years. These stories and authors have originated worldwide and helped expand…

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AUGUST 14, 2023
Back to Homeschool Launch Kit!

It's Back to Homeschool time!  Obviously, we know it can feel like it's hitting all at once. This is especially true for new homeschoolers. Undoubtedly, there is so much to work through and…

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AUGUST 7, 2023
Find Out How Homeschooling Works

How do I get started homeschooling? What are the benefits of homeschooling? How does homeschooling work? Homeschooling can be accomplished in many ways through online courses, textbooks, and…

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