Our Best Printables for Summer!

It isn’t really homeschooling if you’re having fun, right? Well, at least that’s what I tell the kids!

Learning in the summer isn’t the end of the world especially if we’re having loads of fun while doing it! In fact, that’s exactly how we roll, and why we’ve pulled together our collection of summer printables. These printables aren’t just fun but full of learning opportunities! Of course, you’ll love the Stay At Home Summer Camp Printable that’s full of fun outdoor activities and games as well as certificates for completing each section. In addition, one of our other all-time favorites is the Summer Bingo Game. In fact, there are enough cards for 10 people to play, and all you need are bingo markers or bingo chips!



Summer Printable Games and Charts– printables for organizing your summer, chore charts, reading lists, a scavenger hunt, and a FUN bucket list! First print and then have fun!





Summer Bingo Game for 10


Summer Bing Game for 10 – Start by printing this complete bingo game and have your bingo markers ready! Enough game cards for 10 people with a “caller’s list.”





Homeschool Journal Printable Pack


Year-Long Homeschool Journaling Printable Pack – (faith-based) This full-year monthly themed journaling pack will have you and your kiddos inspired to write daily. of course,  it can be printed two on a page to save paper. Each month has its own theme that corresponds to the calendar and the copy work book below.




Writing Truth EBook


Year-Long Copy Work eBook – (faith-based) This full-year copy work curriculum based on scripture verses isn’t just for the regular year. It’s a great way to pull in some light summer writing practice. And the copywork activities use just one scripture per day.




Starting to Homeschool in the Middle of the School Year



50 Summer Printables for Kids – Want more? Start browsing this list for some amazing printables that we’ve gathered from across the internet!


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