Guide to Year-Round Homeschooling

Homeschooling year-round is a creative alternative to the traditional schedule. In fact, there are many benefits to adapting a year-round schedule to your homeschool. The more frequent breaks can help with your student’s various interests, attention span, and overall attitude. It will add an element of flexibility that keeps learning fresh for your student. Maybe you are a roadschooler, year-round schooling could help you balance time on the road with time sitting down to complete school work.

Create a Homeschool Schedule

How to homeschool year round There can be a tendency with homeschooling to follow the typical public school schedule. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with this type of schedule but a major perk of homeschooling is fitting a schedule to work for your own family’s unique needs.

First, check on your state requirements to find out how many days a year you are required to homeschool. Do not forget to schedule in extracurricular activities such as art lessons, music lessons, and sports that your student is active in. 

Flexibility in Your Homeschool Scheduling

Once you decide on a homeschool schedule that works for your family and get into a routine there may be times that you need some flexibility to keep things fresh. Throwing in a field trip here and there will keep things interesting and do not forget to figure in some time for interest-led learning. Who says your typical school week has to be five days? As long as you are able to get in your state’s required days you could even make your school days be three or four days a week. Obviously, that goes for school hours too. You might work those hours around you or your spouse’s work hours to maximize family time!

Make Distinct Breaks in Your Homeschool Schedule

Whether this means a trip or a staycation at home, work breaks into your schedule. These will be great for bonding together as a family without the pressures of “school work”. This time of rest is as important for the homeschooling parent as it is for the students. Sometimes as homeschoolers we feel the pressure to be overachievers but this can result in homeschool burnout, which doesn’t benefit anyone.

Instead of waking up each morning with excitement about learning it can cause both students and parents to dread all the work that needs to be accomplished each day. These scheduled breaks can keep learning fresh and attitudes positive. A year-round homeschool schedule is a great way to enjoy many breaks throughout the year which provides a fun and refreshing homeschool education for your children!

Make Summer Full of Learning Fun

Being year-round homeschoolers means that summertime isn’t just about having fun, but instead using the long days of summer to keep educating your children. You may still have an educational routine you follow in the summer but with the warm weather and more available activities you can mix things up a bit with some summer learning fun.

Take learning outside and explore nature, reading outside, and listening to music while camping or at the beach! Summer homeschool schedules can be exciting! Singing around the campfire is always a treat. Also, technology allows us to take learning along wherever the road leads us. Take a peek below for ideas to keep learning, stay fresh and exciting all summer long!

Get Feedback From Your Family

Talk to your kids about how things are going. During that first break would be the perfect time to evaluate how your schedule is going and how your curriculum is working.  You can ask your kids these questions:

What do you like?

What do you not like?

Is there anything you would like to change? 

What about learning styles? If you are new to homeschooling, you should be able to see after just a few short weeks if the curriculum and daily schedule is working for your students. Getting input from them will also help ensure that your homeschool runs as successful as it can while still having a comfortable, peaceful, and harmonious feel to your home.