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Learning from Brothers Jekyll and Hyde

Guest author, Gabriel Morse, is back with encouragement for parents, siblings, & learners of every kind. See why the world needs both Jekyll and Hyde learners!

Pop Quiz – Will You Pass or Fail?

What is the ultimate purpose behind your decision to homeschool? Consider your answer as you read the latest contribution from Gabriel Morse.

Curveballs and Second Chances

Do you struggle to adapt when the unexpected occurs? Guest author Gabriel Morse is back with great advice on how to learn from the curveballs life tends to throw.

From the Honeypot to the Garden Pot

In part 2 of a series, guest author Gabriel Morse moves from the honeypot to the garden pot and offers advice on strengthening your child's roots.

Homeschooling With a Honeypot

The latest post from our guest storyteller, Gabriel Morse, offers advice on dipping into a honeypot to add some sweetness to your homeschool.