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Real Advice on Helping Special Needs Children through the Holidays

18 December 9:36 am
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Let's face it, in addition to being a joyous holiday season, Christmas can be extremely stressful for everyone. When you…

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4 Ways to Inspire Your Writers During the Holidays

13 December 1:50 pm
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Sponsored post by Time4Writing.com Becoming a strong writer takes great dedication and effort. You can help your young…

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Hop Aboard the Polar Express!

12 December 2:08 am

It’s beginning to look at LOT like Christmas here at Homeschool.com! We’re gearing up for favorite holiday festivities,…

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Educational Scaffolding and Homeschool Success!

10 December 9:17 am
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It’s understandable that many of us homeschool in order to remove ourselves from the “educational system.” While I…

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Quick Facts about Homeschoolers and College

10 December 7:24 am
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Many people think that homeschoolers are not prepared for college. According to research by the National Education Association,…

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5 Ways to Embrace the Holidays With Simplicity

7 December 9:12 am

The holidays are fast approaching and, naturally, you may be feeling the pressure to get it all done in time before the end…

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Internet Safety Series: What is Cyberbullying?

5 December 2:21 pm

In today’s age, most students of all ages have access to the internet in one way or another. Between cell phones, tablets,…

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Writing Truth: Scripture Writing for December

4 December 3:31 am
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Why use Scripture Writing? New to Scripture writing? It’s a great way to incorporate copy work into your homeschool, or…

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Meet Our Virtual Homeschool Conference Speakers!

3 December 10:49 am
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Are you as excited about the upcoming Mid-Year Switch Virtual Conference as we are? Sometimes, it’s hard to get into something…

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