How to Purchase Your Homeschool Curriculum

How To Choose Homeschool Curriculum

We know choosing a homeschool curriculum that fits both your child’s learning and homeschooling style can be overwhelming. With all of the different types of methods, techniques, and options out there it can be daunting to try and find the best one for your child. We know it can be challenging to find resources best for your family especially when you are just starting off. All of the curriculum options can be overwhelming. You end up spending precious hours searching and sifting through different providers. It can be exhausting. And you would much rather spend that time actually teaching your child or grabbing that 30-minute nap you never have time for… Well, we are here to help. We are going to give you the tools you need to find your “best fit” homeschool curriculum. All you need is a few minutes to take 3 online quizzes.

How it Works: Steps To Finding a Homeschool CurriculumFind Your Best Fit Homeschool Curriculum

To start your curriculum search journey, you will need to understand and identify your child’s learning style. Start by taking our Online Quiz: Homeschooling Styles to figure out which homeschooling style aligns best with your family’s lifestyle. If you already know how you’ll be teaching in your homeschool, then you’re ready for step 2. This is finding your child’s learning preference. If you’re not sure off the top of your head how your child learns or what motivates them, then go ahead and take our Online Quiz: Learning Styles. This will help guide you in step 3. So once you know both your child’s learning preferences and your homeschooling style, you’re ready for our Online Quiz: Best Fit Homeschool Curriculum. All 3 of these quizzes are designed to work together to land you on the perfect result in our Resource Guide. We added these features because we know it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. So we figured 3 simple steps would help moms (and dads) that are wondering where to start the daunting curriculum search!

How it Works: Homeschool Curriculum And Resource Guide

We strive to make our Homeschool Curriculum Finder Tool, which used to be title a Resource Guide, the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of curriculum and resources available for homeschoolers. This is why we are constantly updating and adding new providers to our Curriculum Finder. We want everyone to be able to find their perfect curriculum. Our researchers focus on pulling well-rounded data. This means that if we have a gap in special needs resources, we will go out and search extensively until we find the very best providers to close the gap. The data we source is carefully chosen to make sure it is helping parent educators make the best decisions for their families. We research information like pricing, homeschool method, and even the company goals. This way, our Curriculum Finder can provide you with information from real moms and real people who care about making a difference. We currently have over 1,000 providers (and counting) to choose from – which sometimes makes it difficult to narrow it down to 1! But this is actually a fabulous thing. Because this means that you have access to all the best options in 1 easy place! And this will allow you to make the best decision for your child!

Now, you absolutely can skip the quizzes and go straight to our Curriculum Finder if you know exactly what you want in a curriculum. We use search filters to help you narrow your search. On the left-hand side of the Homeschool Curriculum Finder Tool, you will see filter options for subjects, grades, categories, formats, and methods. Feel free to pick and choose from the filters; they allow for multiple choices in each category or you can skip over the filters that don’t apply. We’ve defined some of the logic behind the filters below. 

  • Subjects: These filters are self-explanatory, for the most part. Just note that if you select one of the core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies) the results will also show you the curriculum providers who provide the subject you selected, in addition to other the subjects they may provide. Grades: Grade filters include PreK-12th. Again, pretty self-explanatory. If you have more than 1 child and want them to share a curriculum, you can search for multiple grades at once.
  • Categories: categories include the Top 100 award winners, faith-based, special needs and more. Be sure to check out our Featured providers too! We wouldn’t be able to bring you great articles and content without their help!
  • Formats: Lots of formats to choose from here! These filters make it easy to drill-down and select online-only, games, books, virtual schooling and much more. This is where it is helpful to know your child’s learning style! If you don’t know off the top of your head how learning style translates to ideal formats, then use our Online Quiz: Best Fit Homeschool Curriculum!
  • Methods: Here’s where it helps to know your homeschooling method. If you’re not sure what to pick, you can always skip this filter or take the Online Quiz: Homeschool Style that we mentioned earlier. 

Once you select the appropriate filters, you can search to generate your best-fit curriculum. You can also search directly from our search bar. This way if you were recommended a curriculum from a friend or if you’ve been using the same curriculum for years, you can plug it right in. If you know the name of the provider, the Homeschool Curriculum Finder Tool will bring you right to it!

Within the guide, you can click any of the results to arrive on the curriculum page. This will have a description of the curriculum and, in some cases, helpful videos and reviews. Be sure to review the curriculum you’ve used; your feedback will help out the next homeschooling mom who’s on the search!

Homeschool Curriculum

Online Quiz: Find Your Best Fit Homeschool Curriculum

Now for the most exciting part… The Online Quiz: Best Fit Homeschool Curriculum! These questions are designed to help you filter the Homeschool Curriculum Finder results. If you have a full house and are homeschooling multiple children, then be sure to take the quiz multiple times, focusing on each student. Also, don’t be afraid to play around and take this quiz a few times for each child. Changing your answers slightly might give you a different or new option. When you take this quiz, pay attention to the tips we provide. These are supposed to help you understand why we are asking certain questions and to help you keep key ideas in mind when answering them.

When making this quiz, we wanted it to do the hard work for you. So, by answering the questions, you are efficiently filtering the Curriculum Finder. This way we can show you exactly what you want and what you’re looking for. Once you hit submit, you will be given personalized curriculum suggestions. It’s that easy!

Share Your Homeschool Curriculum Results

What curriculum did you get? Did you learn something new about your child’s learning style or homeschooling style? Did this make your curriculum search less overwhelming? If you found something you like, help out other homeschooling families by writing a review and giving it a rating to tell us what you think! We love hearing from you!