Free Guide to Creating Homeschool High School Transcripts

It’s hard to believe your homeschooler is now in high school. And, now that you’ve gotten over the shock of it all, the realization that there is a lot of extras that go along with homeschooling high school hits you! Yes, there are more things to think about and yes the content gets a bit more intense… but overall homeschooling high school can be such a joy!

Concerned about transcripts in particular? I was when my oldest became a high schooler. It’s one of those things that you just don’t want to jeopardize.  Then there are some fear mongers in the homeschool community that make it seem like an impossible feat for the average homeschool mom to accomplish. Don’t buy into that! It’s a process – yes, but it’s something that anyone can handle.

Wondering How to Create Transcripts that Will Get Your High School Student into College?

Our free No Stress Guide to Transcripts explains it in simple steps that will have you on your way to creating a solid well-built transcript for your high schooler.

  • Name of student, homeschool name (if applicable) address, and phone numbers
  • High School Courses Listed by the year or by grade if you did courses out of order.
  • Any college courses, dual enrollment, or honors courses
  • Course grades. This should include semester grades and then final year-end grades.
  • The student’s final homeschool grade point average (GPA). Often there are also yearly GPA’s included as well.
  • Homeschool credits are given per course. These should be listed for each semester and then for the entire year.
  • Grade scale that was used in the homeschool
  • Optional – standardized testing *This is not required in fact, some homeschoolers believe that it violates HIPAA. The college can request these scores directly from the College Board.
  • Final graduation date
  • Parent signature with a date

In addition to the basic transcript, colleges may want to see a few more things. Some colleges can be very competitive in the selection process, and making your student’s transcripts stand out can really make a difference.  In a transcript going to a college include the basic information above as well as:

  • Course descriptions – sometimes this can be simply a sentence but some colleges may want a short paragraph (note that not all colleges require course descriptions – please check with the college in question)
  • A list of any extracurricular activities or volunteer hours
  • A list of any leadership skills, awards won, volunteer hours, or other accomplishments

Ready to go deeper? You’ll want to print out an actual transcript template to work with while you walk through each step of this guide. Click here to get the Free Transcript Template and then come back for the printable guide to transcript creation book. These two tools will help you create a college-ready transcript for your high school student.

Ready to make your college-ready high school transcript?

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